Yvonne Allan


Yvonne Allan

Commercial Director

B Ed (Hons) Education & Training

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Yvonne Allan started her career in the public sector over 30 years ago and it was here that she first entered Training and Development. 

During that time she has developed her expertise through roles in management, training and business consultancy in the private and commercial sector. She combines her extensive experience in ‘hands on’ with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the professional bodies and course requirements.

She is a highly qualified, experienced deliverer and is active in the creating and delivering of training packages to address business needs, focusing on management competencies, and training and development.

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Alan McGee


Alan McGee

Marketing Director, Dip DigM

BA Education & Training

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Alan has been involved in business consultancy and training for the past 25 years, gaining a varied and invaluable list of experiences that are directly related to real issues and concerns when working with organisations and individuals. 

A key role for Alan is the development of business opportunities with new and innovative business ideas, training organisations and consultants.

His philosophy is working successfully together to create long lasting business partnerships, based on mutual trust, benefits and shared expectations.

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